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girls and boobs and legs

NSFW and hopefully this cut will work 8-)

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This is Chapter 1 of my current work in progress. It introduces one of my main characters, a girl named Yr, who will end up a long, long way from home.

Unquiet Rivers

Chapter 1

Northern Coast of the Bleeding Lands, near the Vernal Equinox, LR 987

Yr spent a long time wondering if she was actually opening and closing her eyes, or just imagining it. There seemed to be no difference whether she wished them open or closed, she saw nothing. Her head ached horribly and she felt like her thoughts were struggling through cold, thick bog-mud. She finally realized that the reason she could see nothing was because she was in a truly and deeply dark place.


Elthus woke with a groan and the taste of blood in his mouth, a paralyzing knot in his guts and a violent pain at the back of his head. He was bound, sitting upright, to a tree. His hands were numb, and the wrap of cord around his shoulders pulled back hard against the tree, tightening his chest so it was hard to breathe.

He thought about struggling, but remembered the very last thing he saw before he fell unconscious. Morth stepping out from behind a thick, ancient oak, blunt back of his long-axe crashing into his stomach to bend him over, then a hard blow to the back of his neck... Elthus knew that if Morth had taken him, the knots were secure, and he was likely being watched. Morth was not an uncautious man.

Elthus opened his eyes. He was deep in the forest. There was a small fire softly crackling nearby, but it was not close enough to give him any real warmth, and it barely lit the spare undergrowth and foliage of early spring.

"My daughter has been missing for two days," Morth said.

Elthus slowly turned to face the voice. "I have nothing to do with that," he said.

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Not a new picture

But I feel a desperate need to show something, so a re-edit of a shoot from last year.


This is not strictly about "girls" but rather one girl in particular.

I call it The Crusader:

I was like her once...
flashing eyes,
passions like silk
thrown so carelessly
over smooth shoulders.

Her causes legendary,
friendships temporary.
Pleasures sacrificed
for social commentary.
I was like her once.

I know her sensible shoes,
brisk paced, important.
Enraged, inspired,
voracious and tireless,
I walked this way.

Stop, I think I say.
But I've grown dull...
I have no substance.
And she walks right through me.


For this topic, I doodled girls I saw during my classes or just in the hallways between my classes, or in the dining hall. As you can see, not all of them were exactly studies in human anatomy.

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BRITISH taxpayers have paid £1,500 for a foreign painter to exhibit INVISIBLE pictures.
Polish artist Agnieszka Kurant got the Arts Council England grant for a show that included "a painting that hasn't been painted yet".

Warsaw-based Kurant's Snow Black exhibition also had "an invisible sculpture" and "a movie shot with no film in the camera".

Her windfall was among £147,755 given to foreign artists by the Labour government in the year to last April.

Culture Department officials insisted there were "substantial benefits for English artists and audiences".

But Tory MP Matt Hancock condemned it as "a staggering waste".

The Sun told last week how £29,000 of public cash was spent moving art and other items abroad.


Other than, I hope, WHAT THE FUCK


I hope you're all busy doing girl inspired projects. I'm afraid that this is the only thing I've drawn lately BUT I really like it!

Wow, it's Sunday. When did that happen?

Anyway, I'm hoping that our next topic generates some interest. And we'll have some other things come up in the next two weeks, such as random sharing and article postings.

Anyway. New topic:


WHY? Because I like them. And I'm your mod. And I think it's a lovely topic.
Nikki, if you disagree, you can delete this and change it, haha, but I think this is a broad range of options for everyone.

Have fun doodlin' and stuff, e'rybody.


Here's my clouds owl I whipped up on my lunch break, because I'm too impatient to wait until 5:30. :)

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Sharing: Owls... Again...

Since I wasn't able to complete the shoot I wanted to do for Topic: Clouds in time, I decided to share some things I've been working on for my 365:Owls project.

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Two older photos from when I used to shoot with film.

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I guess a lot of you have been busy with your lives, and I really don't blame you. I'm hoping that the next topic starts a bit of s spark with some of you (I hope?). I want you all to be EXCITED. Anyway, here are some clouds. I'm glad most of us took some awesome pictures, and now I want to share mine!
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Well, I hope you all like it. Remember, that wall of text wasn't just for my benefit.I want all of you, if you have the time, to share the stories behind your artwork, photos, words, with each entry. We want to get to know all of you!

I look forward to seeing more of everyone's work - new topic tomorrow night!


Iiiiiit's FRIDAY.

You can start sharing your topic entries now, if you've been waiting. Since it's Friday night, you'll have all of tomorrow and Sunday to post as well. On Sunday night, we'll post a new topic.

I hope that some of you have been working on something! You'll see my entry tomorrow night =)

Since it's the holiday season, don't feel bad if you haven't had a lot of time to perfect or even start a project. Feel free to just share your thoughts on the subject, since Nikki and I definitely understand how busy life can get.


Nov. 25th, 2010

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of the photography I've done in the past...I'm excited to do this because I've never had anywhere to share this stuff before!

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I have some fabulous cloud pictures that I took when I was camping with my boyfriend a month or two ago.  I wanted to make a painting out of one of these for this topic but I've been ill lately so that has to be put on hold for now.  So for this time around with no further ado I present:

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Devious Journal Entry

clouds illusions
by *boodie on deviantART

My submission for Clouds 8-)


Clouds 1

I was playing photographer's assistant to another girl in my class during her photoshoot the other day, and got this shot.

The shot is kind of cliche, but I still kind of like it.

Also, I think maybe one of the mods should create the tag 'topic: clouds'. That is all.