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Here is a link to a public version of one of my Facebook photo albums.  I've shared some of these pictures here before but I've posted a bunch of new ones too, so if you're interested please feel free to check it out!  All pictures in it were taken by me with my new camera!


Just a doodle

I FINALLY FOUND MY CAMERA. I know this community is doomed but you know what, whatever. I will post my own entry for the past week later when I am more collected and have unpacked my belongings. However, the next theme is:


got it? good.

What's going on?

I feel like this community started strong, but is starting to dwindle. Let's change this!

Here's a question for the group. What inspires you? How do you keep track of things you randomly see that give you inspiration?

Sharing an old project I'm very proud of.Collapse )


Here is my finished product for books! I started with a base of acrylic paint, then used torn bits of old books I found at my local thrift shop as feathers. Once the glue was dry, I went back over with more acrylic paint, and voila!

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Sorry that I've been like, completely inactive. My Drawing class (I'm actually taking a drawing classFGSFHNshf) has been both amazingly amazing and amazing and awesome and I'm in love with it, as well as incredibly time consuming, creatively. However, I'm currently locked out of the Drawing room where my second assignment of the week is. So hi. I know this community is already kind of falling apart, and I apologize, as it is mostly my fault. But, anyway, I'm here to give you a new topic. Yeah, it's Tuesday, but hey.


The new topic is 'books'.
Run with it!

Sharing is caring.

Well this is me getting back on my 365: Owls project. December was definitely my fail month and, two months later, I've finally kicked myself back into gear. I worked on this last night and this morning, but wasn't able to finish it. I thought you guys might want to see the work in progress, though.

Owl ScentsyCollapse )

applications for insanty

by =boodie on deviantART

Once again I am horrendously late, but here have some insanity.

Fractal art.


I drew my hands. AND I WANTED TO SHOW YOU ALL. My Drawing class got canceled and so I drew my hands.../lame.


HI GUYS. My flowers looked like shit, I kid you not. Anyway, yours were all awesome, so props to ya'all. Y'all?


I've been packing to go back to college (where I'll be back in a routine, so some of you wont have to nudge me along...I hope). Anyway

your new topic is


Get goin'.


I'm running next for my gaming group, and while the current game is building up for its big climax, it's time for me to start throwing some teasers at the players to get them excited.

So I took the current theme of flowers, and will be posting the following two bits to my players, both of which appeared on separate pages of the Chellingsshire Daily Bullhorn, July 17th, 1894.

PoppiesCollapse )


A Day In The Life A Day In The Life

Better late than never 8-)


My apologies for my lack of posting lately...I have been doing a lot of cleaning and purging in the craphole I call my bedroom...I can see the floor now so I'm pretty excited!

I have some flower pictures I'd love to share with you guys, though they're not new sadly.  I am in the process of pricing/choosing which fancy camera I'd like to buy for myself and once that is finished/purchased you can expect many more pictures to come!  In the meantime, here are some of my favorites!

Flower pictures!Collapse )


Edit: I was tired last night and forgot to put that this was done with watercolors and colored pencils.

I have a major fascination with taking pictures of lights on nightvision on my camera.  I love trying to create different patterns with the lights and I'd love to share the results of my Christmas tree light experiments with you guys!

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by =boodie on deviantART

Finally my piece for Play, better late than never I guess 8-)


I felt like drawing cartoonish, colorful, anime-esque (?) boys.

So, random.
I might do "C" tonight...hmm.

I don't know if anyone cares, but.... This took about three hours, if I recall.
ChansungCollapse )


Sorry, I'm late! The end of the semester is kicking my butt! However, I have the new topic for you right here, let me see...where did I put it....




Make of it what you will!

Love you all!