One Subject. Two Weeks.

Endless possibilities.

One subject, two weeks, endless possibilities.
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Artists are given a subject and have two weeks to create a piece of work based on subject.
We have a plan!

We will give you a subject (dogs, music, the way the light hits the leaves, religion, red). This will probably be given out on Sunday, unless the community comes to a majority decision that another day is better. Two weeks later, that weekend will be devoted to sharing the results. Say the subject is 'dogs'. Doodle in class! Maybe just a little puppy playing with a frisbee. Maybe a giant dog mutated by a puddle of toxic goo. Perhaps something that you thought of when you read the word, maybe a memory of you and your dog. You can write a poem or paint a masterpiece or scribble the shape of a dog on a napkin.
Take a picture! Webcam and camera phone shots are fine, if you don't own a scanner or higher quality camera - we just want to see what you made!
Share! Discuss! Comment! Be inspired by others and inspire others! We're here to create, and make friends, and witness the wonders that many imaginations can create together.

Between subjects, we will probably have progress entries, random sharing days, polls for the future, and possibly posts attempting to help us bond as a community. Your art can be anything! Performance, poetry, fiction, biographic, sculptural, whatever else I'm missing here is acceptable as well.

We have rules! Please read and abide by them.

1. Be nice!
2. Be honest! Fan art is acceptable but don't use anyone else's artwork and say it is your own. That's not cool (or legal).
3. Honor the deadline! You can definitely share pictures relating to the entry's theme after the deadline, but don't mix up themes or try to postpone deadlines for your own sake. Simply stick to the theme at the time and worry about others later. It's not improbable that we'll repeat themes or topics.
4. Let us know if you have any ideas! We're open to making polls regarding new themes/topics.
5. BE NICE. (This is a biggie)
6. This isn't a contest. We aren't judging these, we're just seeing how each of us interpret and create certain things. We don't give out prizes!
8. Use cuts please! and post a warning if your contribution is of a graphic nature, we want to avoid any unpleasant surprises.